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2024 Locust Rd
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In July 2003, Marburg Estate became a bonded winery, making it the first winery in the Hanover area. With over 20 years of experimentation and wine making experience our vintner has developed an assortment of wines that will satisfy even the most particular taste.


Terms & Conditions

Orders placed with LESS THAN A WEEKS NOTICE can ONLY be accepted by Calling the Winery (717) 633-7760, to ensure prompt delivery. Email orders received with less than a WEEKS noticed cannot be guaranteed for delivery or purchase.

 All email orders will be verified by a return email from the Winery. If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours, please phone the Winery.

 Minors providing false information when obtaining alcoholic beverages over the Internet will face criminal prosecution and civil liability.  Violators may be charged federally with wire and credit card fraud, and under multiple state laws prohibiting the attempted purchase or possession of alcohol by minors.  Penalties include monetary fines, jail time, criminal probation, loss of driver's license and a criminal record that must be disclosed on job and college applications.  Licensed sellers of alcohol (including wineries and retailers) who pay large fines and lose alcohol license privileges for sales to minors are entitled to sue the minor for compensation.  All Internet customers must provide a credit card number and delivery address and can therefore be POSITIVELY identified to law enforcement.