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2024 Locust Rd
Spring Grove, PA, 17362
United States

(717) 633-7760

In July 2003, Marburg Estate became a bonded winery, making it the first winery in the Hanover area. With over 20 years of experimentation and wine making experience our vintner has developed an assortment of wines that will satisfy even the most particular taste.


Marburg Estate Winery LTD.

Located on the northern tip of Lake Marburg near Hanover, Pennsylvania lies the vineyard of Marburg Estate. The vineyard was started in 1988 and has sold grapes and juice to wineries in Maryland and Pennsylvania since 1995. Our 2 acres of vineyard contains 13 different varieties of grapes with an emphases on "Vinitera" grapes.





Winery Tasting Room
2025 Loucust Rd.
12:00 - 5:00 every Saturday

Hanover Market
Saturdays - 6:00 am till Noon

Marburg Estate winery wins Award

We would like to thank the Rotary for this great event! Also the people whom voted for us!


Call the winery and reserve tickets with a credit card anytime!


Private Tasting Appointments

Call the Winery for time and dates available
Private tastings are encouraged

$20.00 charge per person

1 tasting of each of our varieties

Also receive 20% off at the time of your tastings on their individual purchases.

50% Deposit for larger groups required

Different levels and customized wine tasting available at additional cost

****   Our small vintages allow us to take extra time and care with each wine, assuring a fine, quality wine  ****